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Types, grades and applications of nickel-chromium alloy conveyor belts

Nickel-chromium alloy conveyor mesh belt is also known as nickel-chromium mesh belt, nickel-chromium alloy mesh belt, nickel-chromium alloy wire woven mesh belt, nickel-chromium wire conveyor belt, nickel-chromium wire high temperature mesh belt, nickel-chromium alloy conveyor belt mesh.

Material: Cr20Ni80, Cr15Ni60, GH140, Cr20Ni35
Specification: φ0.03mm~φ8.0mm
Features: Excellent elongation, compressive strength, surface finish, oxidation resistance, sulfur resistance, permeability resistance and other functions. It has many repeated bending times, stable resistance and temperature coefficient, high allowable surface load, light specific gravity and economical and reasonable price.
Application: Nickel-chromium materials have high high temperature strength and strong plasticity.
Nickel-chromium alloy wire is widely used in chemical, mechanical, metallurgical, national defense and other industries for electric furnace heating and heat treatment, as well as industrial electric furnaces, household appliances, far-infrared devices, etc. It is also a material for industrial electrical appliances and electronic and resistor components such as electronics and textiles.

The main products of nickel-chromium alloy wire conveyor mesh belt are widely used in powder metallurgy sintering furnaces, food machinery, heat treatment production lines, glassware annealing furnaces, brazing furnaces, petrochemicals, drying, electronics industry, machinery supporting various kilns and other industrial automation lines. The products have won the praise and trust of the majority of users. It has a high market visibility and market share in China.
  1. Glass industry annealing furnace mesh belt, baking furnace mesh belt, bottle conveyor mesh belt, mosaic mesh belt, specifications are crankshaft type, straight shaft type, diamond type, double-strand spiral type.
  2. Food biscuit industry: 180mm-1200mm width cotton thread, nylon line canvas belt, oven mesh belt, cooling oil sprayer mesh belt, flat turning machine mesh chain, chocolate coating machine type B mesh belt. At the same time, we produce biscuit machines, egg sprayer type B mesh belt and meat conveyor type B mesh belt, imported machine ultra-thin energy-saving mesh belt.
  3. Instant noodles and rice noodle industry; steamed stainless steel mesh chain, various oil boxes. Drying hanging boxes, dough knives, dough combs, support shafts, forming boxes, etc.
  4. Stainless steel conveyor chains, mesh belts, support shafts, etc. for various frozen food and vegetable dehydration production line equipment.
  5. High-temperature furnace conveyor mesh belts for various heat treatment machines with high temperature resistance of more than 1000℃.
  6. Design and manufacture of other water conveying equipment and metal mesh chain belts.
When users order mesh belts, they must specify the mesh belt's pitch, pitch, material, wire number, width and length so that our company can produce accurately. 

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